Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News: Burger Shop 2 and MCF: Prime Suspects!

Today, Big Fish Games broke the recent string of new hidden objects games by offering us a new time management game!


  • Your role: a cook at a classic black/white/red diner
  • Theme: making food quickly
  • Music: fair, but gets the job done
  • Upgrades: you're always getting some new piece of equipment or a new kind of food to serve; you also gain new ranks as you go
  • Customer satisfaction?: yes, quick service earns happy customers and better tips
  • Level length: very reasonable; nice and short

Burger Shop 2 offers subtle humor from the beginning, which I found pleasantly amusing. At the beginning, you find out that you were one of the few people who received the plans the aliens sent to Earth for building a high-tech burger-making machine. Interested yet? And the humor continues in the game's written content.

For once, you're not running around a room serving people at tables. You have a sort of first-person perspective on the cooking area. The burger machine spits out all kinds of ingredients - eggs, bacon, burgers, buns, butter, waffles, etc, and you have to quickly pile them on plates and hand them to customers. You also have drink making machines and toasters and such. The controls are easy, and right-clicks are used as shortcuts for other actions - this was good planning on the developer's part.

Additionally, you're constantly doing something, and the levels aren't too long, which are both great features in a time management game.

This is one of the more immediately enjoyable time management games I've played.

To get it, click the image below:

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Category: Hidden Objects
This was the first sequel in the Mystery Case Files series after Huntsville. If you liked Huntsville, you're bound to enjoy this new mystery in which you're tracking down a jewel thief! Today only, you can get it for $2.99.

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