Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News: A first look at My Kingdom for the Princess!

Pay attention, time management fans!

Today, Big Fish Games released a new time management game called My Kingdom for the Princess.

I've tested the game and I'll give you my first impressions, quick and clean.

What I like so far

  • I'm admittedly a sucker for colorful, well-designed graphics, and boy does this game deliver.
  • Easy to learn
  • Voice-over narration
  • As you complete levels your castle is progressively built, beginning with a tiny wooden shack. I like this kind of feature in a game, just because it looks cool and gives you something to work for.

What I don't like so far

  • The music is weak. They should have hired me for the soundtrack.
  • Only one action at a time. They really should have allowed for strings of pre-clicked actions. Waiting for the worker to return with his resources before clicking another action creates downtime. (Mystic Inn did this the right way.)
  • Only one worker can work on a task at a time! They should have allowed multiple workers to join together and finish a task more quickly.
  • Feels too simplistic, at least early in the game.

The family man's opinion

This game feels to me like a children's or old-people's version of Warcraft III. What this game doesn't do well, Warcraft III does.

Is the game worth it? I haven't played it long enough to know. From the little experience I have with the game, I just wish they would have made it possible to accomplish a greater number of tasks more quickly. I feel like I'm waiting around too much, with infrequent decision-making.

If you haven't played heavier real-time strategy games, and you don't want to play anything too complex, this game seems to be a great place to start.

To check out the game, click below:

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