Thursday, July 30, 2009

News - Hotel Mogul and Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas

Today, Big Fish Games continues in yesterday's trend by giving us another new "time management" game! (although I would probably call it strategy/business management)


  • Your role: a lady who's losing her hotel business to a messed-up traitor husband
  • Theme: building and making money from hotels and restaurants and such
  • Music: nothing special
  • Graphics: good; character faces look weird; buildings and animations look cool
  • Advancement: buy better buildings as you earn more money
  • Level length: as long as it takes you to complete the given goals

Hotel Mogul is really a game of strategy and simulation. You need to build buildings which are attractive to, and used by, people. The more people, the more money. You can also upgrade buildings to improve their rating, thus attracting more people and making more money. You also need to manage and purchase building materials and workers. You will spend some time buying and selling various properties as well.

Personally, I was immediately turned off by the theme. In a world where committed marriage needs to be promoted and encouraged, this game's theme is just depressing. The lady has only been married for like a year when her husband files for a divorce, an arrangement which leaves him ownership of his wife's successful hotel chain. Your goal, as the lady, is to rebuild a booming hotel chain from the ground up. Depressed yet? Not a whole lot of incentive to get into the theme here.

But, story aside, the game is fun and simple enough for those who are nervous about complexity in their casual games. On the other hand, I would personally recommend Youda Marina over this game if you like this style but prefer more complexity. Youda Marina had a bit less downtime, and a bit more to keep you busy right away.

So you're wondering - will you like this game? If you like business-building games, yes, you should play this game. If you want to run around a restaurant and serve people, this isn't for you. This doesn't feel like a time management game. This game is about money-making and property management. If those are themes you like, then Hotel Mogul should hit the spot.

To get it, click the image below:

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