Tuesday, August 4, 2009

News: 3 Tones and Master of Defense!

Today, Big Fish Games introduces a new music-based matching game called 3Tones.


  • Mechanics: drag the mouse over squares of the same color to create groups
  • Music: use your own music library
  • Graphics: colorful, adequate

3Tones was, I think, designed to be somewhat innovative and novel. It's kind of like a Match-3 game in that you are creating combinations of colors. It comes with music, but you're supposed to import music from your computer and play along with it - this is the novel element that is intended to draw you in. It didn't draw me in.

Sure, I'm a composer, so I should like music games, right? Well, I did like the rhythm-based challenge in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. But this game doesn't do anything particularly interesting. There is no theme to it, no story, and nothing to make it really fun. There is a graphical spectrum which responds to the music, as in most software media players. The ups and downs of the spectrum determine how long the strings are which you need to match. The strings (say, 3 greens for instance) appear on the right and slide to the left and stop when they hit the end of the window. When you see the 3 greens, you need to drag your mouse across three adjacent green squares in the grid (they don't need to be in a straight line). The machine is also spitting out yellows, reds, blues, and purples. Sequences range from 2-5 in length, from what I've seen. After you complete a certain number of sequences, a new level starts. Each new level spits out strings more quickly. There is no break between levels. It just keeps going. And that's it.

In the game's favor, there are bonuses you can get. Some cubes in the grid have little symbols on them. If you break those squares, you get various bonuses that help you. There is also an option that pops up from time to time which allows you to complete specified sequences of various colors. If you complete a number of these sequences before time runs out, all the cubes turn to ice blocks, which don't require you to match specific colors for a while.

I'm not a fan of Match-3 games as it is, and this is even less fun than Match-3. I would rather play the somewhat amusing Asami's Sushi Shop than this game.

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Category: Tower defense
Remember tower defense from Warcraft III? It's like that.

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