Monday, August 3, 2009

News: Atlantis Sky Patrol for $2.99!

This morning I had an odd but pleasant experience. I was firing up the computer as is my custom. I opened my Big Fish Games program and looked at the list of games on my computer. I saw my expired demo of Atlantis Sky Patrol and thought, "Man, I really should buy that game." Then a moment later, my browser was open and I was checking on today's Daily Deal. I couldn't believe my eyes at first. There it was - Atlantis Sky Patrol for $2.99! This isn't some old worn out dud (as you might expect in a deal), no, this is one of the most fun marble popper games I've played, and it is now mine. Check it out!

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code patrol299 at checkout
Category: Marble Popper
This game is, I think, a sequel of sorts to the old marble popper simply titled, "Atlantis." Having played through more than half of the original Atlantis, I am so glad they improved the gameplay in Atlantis Sky Patrol. There are far more drops in this game, new mechanics, and a better upgrade system.

In Atlantis Sky Patrol, you are part of a team defending the world from some kind of mysterious invaders or something. The theme is very thin, so don't expect a whole lot. It's kind of a pulp theme, reminding me of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The backgrounds are nothing special - certainly no Luxor 3. And the music, though nothing impressive, fits the theme and gameplay.

So why did I like this marble popper? First, the upgrade system. Every upgrade you make is permanent as opposed to the original Atlantis, which had you buying one powerup at a time for a single use. One really cool upgrade, which I haven't seen before, is a magnetizer. This makes your ship magnetic so that gears (valuable drops) gravitate to you. And this effect is permanent, and it increases with each upgrade.

The one downside with the upgrade system is that it is limited to 5 types of upgrades. Still, each upgrade has 5 levels of improvement, and each level is increasingly more expensive. You buy new upgrades with the gears you've caught.

Another original feature of the game is the defensive structures. Each level has one or more clusters of stationary orbs (in addition to the strings of moving orbs) which are supposed to be defensive structures built by the invaders. Once you destroy all of these orb clusters, the entrance collapses and no more strings of orbs can enter the level. Fun, huh?

So, while this game is not going to offer you the depth and richness of Luxor 3, it is worth playing if you're a fan of marble poppers. It's just fun. The physics feel really good, and the orbs don't feel weirdly weighted or anything (for weird orb weight and physics, try Sky Kingdoms - it's just . . . lacking).

If you like marble poppers and want one of my favorites, you can get Atlantis Sky Patrol for $2.99 only today!

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