Friday, August 14, 2009

News - Autumn's Treasures: The Jade Coin and The Spirit of Wandering: The Legend!

It's time for more hidden objects with the release of a new game from Big Fish!


  • Hidden objects scene graphics: drawn/painted
  • Hint system: unlimited, slow refill
  • Graphics: very nice digitally painted scenes
  • Music: above average; some ethnic, some orchestral
  • Theme: Solve a family mystery involving valuable items
  • Timed?: no
  • Penalty for wrong clicks: no; it just spins your mouse cursor around
  • Mini games: yes - puzzles
Like some other recent hidden objects games, Autumn's Treasures: The Jade Coin has you looking for scattered pieces of various items. In the game, you play a young lady named Autumn who is investigating some mysteries related to her grandfather's life.

There are a few things I really liked in this game:
  • You use all of the items you piece together as inventory items
  • You can mouse over any incomplete item to see pictures of the exact pieces you need to look for - a great feature!
  • Quality voice-over for most of the characters
  • No long list of random items to locate!
  • Easy-to-use interface with obvious arrow animations (indicating where you can move to) and highlights around things you can interact with in a scene
In a time where hidden objects games are a dime a dozen and none seems to rise above the rest, this was a pleasant new entry for the genre. The game just has a nice flow to it. The puzzles could have been a tad more difficult, but I'm sure many gamers will appreciate the easy solves. Too many hidden objects games have you stuck in one cluttered scene for way too long. Autumn's Treasures breaks away from that system, putting you into real scenes, collecting real objects to apply in useful ways. It's almost more like an adventure game in that sense.

I highly recommend this one.

To get it, click the image below:

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Category: Hidden Objects
I was pleasantly surprised to discover this game from the creators of the Treasure Seekers games. I had no idea this game existed! If you liked the Treasure Seekers games, try this out. Once again, the developers give us a game involving trapped spirits and adventure. This time around the theme is pirate-based. You play the role of a woman who was sailing with her lover and his pirate crew. The ship was attacked by the Flying Dutchman (a famous ghost ship) and she was the only one left. She is now searching to find and free the spirits of her lost crewmates.

Yeah, the story is kind of silly, but try to overlook it and enjoy the high-quality gameplay which was seen in the Treasure Seekers games. The graphics, animations, and music are all very well done. This is a great hidden objects games for you HOG and pirate fans out there! It's $2.99 today only!

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