Friday, August 14, 2009

News - The Blackwell Convergence and Azada!

Adventure game fans, pay attention. Today, Big Fish Games brings you a mystery that will take you back to the old days of adventure gaming!


  • Your role: Rosa Blackwell, a medium (she communicates with and aids ghosts) and Joey Mallone (a ghost)
  • Music: very good; jazzy saxophone; fits the setting
  • Graphics: old-school pixely graphics
  • Interface: mouse-controlled; side view; third-person
If you played old-school adventure games like Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Monkey Island 1 and 2, Eco Quest, and a batch of other Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games, you will find yourself at home here. The game looks just like an old adventure game with those wonderfully designed pixely graphics. But this game won't require you to type in or click on commands such as "LOOK" or "USE". Instead, you can do everything using the right and left mouse buttons.

I really liked the music. The quality of the music is fitting for modern games - I'm glad they didn't use the boopy MIDI music of the old days. The composer pieced together some nice jazz underscore to accompany your play.

As Rosa Blackwell and her partner Joey Mallone, you'll go around helping ghosts and doing adventurey things like looking at things and collecting inventory items.

I wouldn't recommend the game for little kids because of some language and thematic material.

My main complaint is that the game doesn't seem to completely capture the mouse pointer. Over and over, the game kept minimizing to the taskbar because it thought I was clicking things on the desktop of my computer outside of the game. It was like my mouse was active in both environments. If this happens to you, it might drive you nuts after a long time.

Still, if you're a fan of old-school adventure games, this is a must. You've probably exhausted the supply of old material. Fortunately, companies like Wadjet Eye Games are still working to bring you the adventure genre you always loved. (Although, as much as I liked the old games, I still prefer modern slick graphics myself. Still, what you see here is great artistry.)

To get the game, click the image below:


Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
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Category: Puzzle
A few weeks ago, I posted Big Fish's deal on Azada: Ancient Magic. Well, today they offer you the original Azada for $2.99.

This game is pretty much one puzzle after the next. You go through page after page of a book, solving various types of puzzles, with a little bit of object-finding and combining, as seen in Azada: Ancient Magic.

If you like puzzle games, go download this game today while it's only $2.99!

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