Thursday, August 27, 2009

News - Fill Up and Letter Lab!

Today we get a new economic time management game!


  • Your role: gas station manager
  • Theme: building a successful gas station
  • Music: poor
  • Graphics: very good
  • Interface: angled overhead view
Lately, I've been glad anytime a new game comes out that isn't Match 3 or hidden objects. Those genres seem to be losing steam as more and more mediocre variations are released on the market. This state of affairs makes games like Fill Up! very welcome.

Get ready for lots of drag and drop, because that is the primary mouse function in this game. You'll be constantly dragging vehicles to various gas pumps to fill up. You'll have to earn money to build additional structures and upgrades, and you'll need to keep your pumps filled up.

Overall, the game gets the job done, but it lacks the polish of some other similar games. The English is somewhat weak (I don't know why these foreign developers don't hire English writers and editors) and the interface could use some tweaks. Still, if you don't mind lots of drag-and-drop, this game should be fun for the time management crowd.

To get it, click the image below:

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Category: Word
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