Thursday, August 6, 2009

News: The Lost Inca Prophecy and Magic Vines!

Want a Match-3 game? Big Fish happens to have a new one for you today!


  • Timed?: no
  • Hidden objects hint system: unlimited, slow refill
  • Music: quite good for a casual game
  • Theme: Prophecy and Incan culture
  • Penalty for wrong clicks: no
  • Story and Writing: weak; story is boring and unoriginal; writing and English are poor

The Lost Inca Prophecy puts you in the role of a Spanish librarian lady. You've had dreams about Incan stuff for your whole life, and of course, you're going to pursue the vision of your dreams now that one of your library books magically glowed at you. So you meet a conquistador fellow and head out to pursue these prophetic visions. When you get to the correct "continent" near Spain (I'm not sure what they meant by "continent" in the context) you look for a bunch of fragmented pieces which combine to make useful objects (similar to Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light). Then, you do some Match-3 style puzzles. They try to make all of this work with the theme.

The artwork in the game is very good. The music is nice. The searching and matching are fine. There's just nothing particularly special here. I'm always looking for games that deliver high quality in every respect, including the story and theme. This game is great for Match-3 puzzlers (there is a bit of hidden objects thrown in), but you won't find anything really new or engaging here. I recommend this for completists and those who love Incan stuff.

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