Monday, August 24, 2009

News - Relic Hunt and Concentration!

Today, you get a new hidden objects game!


  • Timed?: no
  • Hint system: limited number; earn more by finding certain objects
  • Music: weak
  • Graphics: fair
  • Theme: family mystery (this is the third recent HOG with this theme)
  • Penalty for wrong clicks: yes, after several incorrect clicks, the screen darkens and your cursor spins around for a while

Relic Hunt. Cool name, isn't it? Does the game live up to the coolness of its title? Not really.

The English in this game is fairly poor, and most of the production is generally mediocre considering the standard set by a number of other developers. The thing that interested me most was the story - a grandson and grandfather relationship, and some treasure.

I would only recommend this to hidden objects junkies who have already played all the really good hidden objects games out there. (My top recommendations are listed in the sidebar on the right.)

To get Relic Hunt, click the image below:

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