Tuesday, August 25, 2009

News - Time Machine: Evolution and Magic Farm: Ultimate Flower!

It's a day for games with interesting names - and the new release for the day is Time Machine: Evolution!


  • Graphics: good
  • Music: nothing special
  • Theme: I think it's supposed to be time travel?
  • Story and Writing: Nothing significant
This new Match-3 game actually brings something new to the table. Instead of swapping pieces, you use a futuristic-looking cannon to shoot blasts of color onto a square of your choice, changing that square into the color you shot. In this way, you make your matches. Right-clicking rotates your cannon's color wheel, allowing you to choose your color.

Personally, I find this more enjoyable than swap-style Match 3. It's quicker and simplifies some of the decision-making.

As you complete matches, you are trying to gain the gems which show up on some of the squares. Once you have collected enough gems, the level ends. You can then spend money you've earned in an upgrades shop. This includes power-ups like dynamite and fire which can help you to break large groups of squares when used during a level.

The weirdest thing to me, and the reason I wouldn't want to play this with my kids, is the random woman they have standing on the start screen and in between levels, scantily clad in animal fur wrappings. I don't think this gratuitous feature serves any purpose other than the amusement of male developers and gamers. There is no real story holding the game together. As you play levels, you see this woman's head and bare shoulders in a little window. She smiles at you as you collect gems. Is this what it takes to sell casual games now?

If you want to get it, click the image below:

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Category: Economic / Time Management / Strategy
I'm a sucker for these strategic economic games! This one's a keeper. Plant flowers, fight off pests, gain experience points, sell bouquets, and make enough money to hire a detective and locate your missing parents. Big fun here, folks. Get this one while it's $2.99 - today only!

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