Thursday, September 24, 2009

News - Ancient Quest of Saqqarah on sale for $2.99 today only!

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Category: Match 3
This is one of the rare occasions when I am impressed by, and recommend, a Match-3 game. This is not your ordinary square-grid Match-3 game.

The first thing that stands out about this game is that everything was done well. The production here has great draw. The music is good, the graphics and animations are excellent, the voice-over work is great, the gameplay is fun, and the mechanics are original. All of this is flavored with an ancient Egypt theme. And the magical blue talking humanoid monkey is pretty cool too.

In this game, you're lining up groups of things, but they are all interconnected by threads. As you make matches, these threads light up. Once all of the threads around a cell are lit up, the cell is filled in with color. Once all cells are filled in, the level is complete. The gameplay is quick too. You can make swaps as quickly as your mouse finger can click. Making lots of matches in quick succession creates combos and earns you bonuses.

There are upgrades available to purchase as you go, and you'll also have to deal with bad blocks which show up now and then to hinder you. Additionally, game appears to be loaded with levels.

Games with this kind of production quality are hard for me to turn down. Why not give this one a try? You might find that you agree with me!

Oh yeah, and today is the day to buy it while it's $2.99.

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