Monday, September 14, 2009

News - The Golden Path of Plumeboom on sale for $2.99 today only!

Well folks, I was out of town last week, so my posts were sporadic, but I'm back this week, so keep checking back for news and reviews!

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code path299 at checkout
Category: Marble popper
Big Fish already gave you a deal on Plumeboom: The First Chapter. Today, you get a shot at the sequel for $2.99!

Is it worth buying? I think it is, but you should try before you buy, as always. I prefer the moving train style of other marble poppers more (Luxor 3 and Atlantis Sky Patrol) but this game has a cool original style and fun physics.

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