Tuesday, September 15, 2009

News - Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures on sale for $2.99 today only!

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code peter299 at checkout
Category: Action / Kids game
Today you have the opportunity to get this fun little task-based game for $2.99! In Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures, you run around collecting things, completing assigned tasks around the office, avoiding the mime, and knocking down 2-dimensional objects in an attempt to rise up in the corporate world and make your world fully 3-dimensional!

The easiest way to control the game is to use the arrow keys on the keyboard. The graphics are good, the music is fitting and fun, and the game can be enjoyed by kids. Try it today!


  1. My son really liked this one! I clicked on your link and bought it! Thanks for the great recommendation :)

  2. Sweet! Good to hear! Thanks for posting!