Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anyone playing MCF: Dire Grove?

UPDATE: I have now played and written a review for this game. Read it here!

All right, dear readers, are any of you playing Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Collector's Edition?

I really want to know what this game is like, but I don't want to sink the bucks if it's going to be twisted like Return to Ravenhearst. If one of you plays this, please comment and let us know what it's like. How does it compare to Return to Ravenhearst? Any improvements? Anything disturbing?

For everyone who's interested, the standard edition will be released in December. For now, this $19.95 collector's edition is available to extreme Mystery Case Files fans. It comes will all kinds of extras.


  1. So much for BFG's claim that ALL games are only $6.99. I don't put my money into any game where there is no trial version.

    When I said that Return to Ravenhearst wasn't all that creepy, I had not gotten very far into the game. It is seriously creepy. I found a good walkthrough which is helping with that. However, I'm glad that I only paid $2.99 for it.

  2. I'm currently working on HEAT:Triangle. And frankly it's kinda crappy compared to the MCF series. I'll probably finish it off and then snag Dire Grove. I was absolutely amazed by Return to Ravenhearst. Of course, I didn't have any reason to be concerned about the content. It was amazingly better than the original Ravenhearst; easily the best I've played thus far. (Squeaking out the Nancy Drew Dossier series)

  3. I agree that Return to Ravenhearst was probably the most fun HOG/adventure game yet. And it was definitely better than the first Ravenhearst. Drawn: The Painted Tower and Princess Isabella were in a similar style to Return to Ravenhearst, and similarly fun, though I haven't finished either yet.

    Still Nancy Drew Dossier games are my favorites, but they aren't your standard HOGs.

  4. Just learned that the Collector's Edition of Dire Grove is available only to BFG club members. Everyone else will need to wait until the game (without all the extras) is released in December. There are extensive walkthroughs of the CE version on jayisgames and gamezebo.

  5. Just started Dire Grove. Played about an hour. Thus far, it's basically MCF does Blare Witch Project. It's scary as heck at parts and just as atmospheric as Return to Ravenhearst. Of course, it's got even better production values.

  6. Sweet! Thanks for the information, Isamoor! Pass on more information as you play. How does it compare to MCF:RtR? Scarier? As disturbing? Is the story messed up or cool? How much HOG is in it?