Thursday, November 19, 2009

News - Luxor Adventures and Luxor 3!

Tomorrow, Big Fish's new game will be Luxor Adventures, a new hidden objects game in the Luxor series, which has traditionally been marble popper games.

But here's the best part: if you buy Luxor Adventures, you get Luxor 3 thrown in for free!

Now, when I have a chance to recommend Luxor 3, I do. Read my review to find out why.

So, get ready to pick up Luxor Adventures and Luxor 3 tomorrow for some HOGin' and marble poppin' goodness!

Luxor Adventures - released tomorrow!

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  1. BFG has Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst on sale for $2.99. It is not the daily deal. Instead it is listed on the site's home page, so anyone can get it.

    Wanted to let you know about it.