Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deals - Free games! Want some?

One thing I like, and I know you like, is a free casual game. Well, today, I'm going to get you up to date on the games you can get for free right now from Big Fish Games. Check this action out.

GameCoupon Code
PC or Mac: everestfree
PC or Mac: peopleraventwitter
PC: freeazadaemailpc
Mac: freeazadaemailmac
PC: freespaemailpc
Mac: freespaemailmac

Enjoy the goods, friends! If I have something mistyped or if a code doesn't work, please comment.


  1. Thank you for posting these!! I already had Return to Ravenhearst and Azada. Hidden Expedition: Everest was the only HE game that I did NOT have. I don't know that I'll like Spa Mania, but beings as it's free, it won't hurt to try it. The coupon codes for HE: Everest and Spa Mania worked just fine.

    In October, BFG started "Octoberfest" with buy six games and get 1 free. This was a new addition to BFG Game Club benefits. "Novemberfest" was buy 6 get 1 free, buy 3 more and get a second game free. When I looked at my Decemberfest update, I found that the two free games that I earned in November are counted toward the total of six that I need for Decemberfest. These two free ones will probably count also. And the $2.99 deals also count, so you could get free games without spending much money at all.

    One of the free games that I got from Novemberfest was Fantastic Farm, a time management game. I didn't expect to get addicted to it. I can't stop playing it!!

    One other note: the regular edition (i.e. $6.99) of MCF: Dire Grove will be released tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, once again, for contributing, irishdec52!

    The "punch card" is now something they are going to keep running forever, according to Big Fish. 6 games in a month is a lot! I can't imagine pulling that off. I'm still working hard at finishing Farm Frenzy 2 so I can review it. I can't imagine playing a bunch of other stuff at the same time!

    I tried Fantastic Farm but didn't find it to be deep enough. But, speaking of farm games, I gave Youda Farmer a try, and that was more fulfilling for me.

    I already downloaded the Dire Grove demo. Looking forward to trying it when my wife and kids aren't nearby to get spooked.

  3. After reading what you wrote about Youda
    Farmer, I decided to give it a try. It was a no go for two reasons: 1. The little truck zipping around with the background scrolling was making me feel motion sick. 2. I have multiple sclerosis and I just could not get my hand to move fast enough, so I was going to be permanently stuck at an early level. With Fantastic Farm, my movements don't have to be quite that precise.

    As for playing several games at long as they are of different genres, I can keep them straight. It's the same reason why I'm able to read 3 or 4 books at a time.

  4. When I read this post last week, I thought that the Ravenhearst game referred to was the second one (i.e. Return to Ravenhearst) which I already have. I just discovered my mistake a little bit ago and now have the first one. The coupon code as given is correct.