Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Drawn: The Painted Tower . . . crashing.

You know that I like reviewing games for you, here on A Game For Everyone.

I would really like to review Drawn: The Painted Tower for you, but as of now, I can't keep going because the game is crashing.

If someone knows a fix for this, please comment, so that I can finish this game.

From here on, I recommend you don't keep reading unless you've finished the game. There might be some SPOILER material below.

The Problem

When I climb up inside the clock tower to the top, only the scenery loads, nothing else. The sound gets glitchy, and everything sort of flickers in a state of bugginess. Then, the game either quits, or restarts my computer.

The BFG forums turn up no help, though others have described this exact same problem. I have submitted a support request to Customer Support.

If you have any idea how to fix this issue, please comment!

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