Monday, June 7, 2010

Deals - PC and Mac games for $2.99 this week!

The Catch of the Week deals for June 7 - June 13 are

The Spirit of Wandering: The Legend is a hidden objects game. Read my review!

Azada: Ancient Magic is both hidden objects and puzzles. I haven't reviewed this game, but I've played it, and it was fun. It has a nice orchestral soundtrack, and mechanics that are pretty original. You flip through story books and look for items in various stories that are needed to accomplish tasks in other stories. It's a bit different from the first Azada, but still fun. I recommend giving it a try if you liked the first Azada.

To get these games for $2.99, click the image below, and use the coupon code CATCH299 at checkout!

PC users
Mac users

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