Friday, July 31, 2009

Luxor 3 Treasure Room Guide

After a logged 13 hours of gameplay in Luxor 3, I have finally completed the treasure room.

To make it easy on those of you who don't want to make guesses at how to turn all those shadowy forms into real treasures, I offer you this little Treasure Room Guide. If you want to figure out all the treasure by yourself, then I suggest you stop reading now. But if you want to know what all the treasures are, and how to get them, read on!

Empty Treasure RoomCompleted Treasure Room
Click here to see
the image

Spoiler Alert!!!

The Treasures

Treasure nameHow to get it
Adventure Campaign AchievementComplete the Adventure campaign
Causal Nexus AchievementGet 5 or more chain collapses in a row
Coin Collector AchievementCollect over 1,000 ankh coins
Defender AchievementBeat all Onslaught levels in the Adventure campaign
Eliminator AchievementGet more than 10 matches in a row
Human Net AchievementCatch all drops in a level
Master of Reflection AchievementGet 25 matches or more using reflectors
Powerups AchievementUpgrade all powerups to Maximum level
Revealer of Secrets AchievementUnlock all Bonus levels
Riddle of the Sphinx AchievementComplete the Puzzle campaign
River Crossing AchievementBeat all Crossing the Nile levels in the Adventure campaign
Sharpshooter AchievementAchieve 100% accuracy on one level (always hit a sphere of the color you're shooting)

If you have any questions about gaining these treasures, just post a comment!

Reading this guide, but haven't played Luxor 3? I recommend it as the best marble popper game on the current market. Click an image below to go download it.

News - Azada: Ancient Magic for $2.99!

Happy Friday to everyone! May your weekend be filled with much good casual gaming!

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code azada299 at checkout
Category: Object finding, collecting, placing, and combining / Puzzle
If you liked the original Azada - here's your chance for the same but better. This time, you go through various books solving puzzles which are distributed among a number of pages. You'll find objects, place them in your inventory, and use them in various ways and locations. You will also have to solve puzzles, as you would expect.

Most notable to me is the soundtrack. In Big Fish's recent pattern with hidden objects games - they've hired a live orchestra for the lucky composer. You know that I'm particular about music in games, and this is the kind of game I wish they'd hire me for. While the original Azada music was fair, this time around, the music is very pleasant to listen to while playing. This, plus the qualities of the original Azada, plus some improved gameplay, make Azada: Ancient Magic easily worth the $2.99. Don't miss this one day deal!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

News - Hotel Mogul and Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas

Today, Big Fish Games continues in yesterday's trend by giving us another new "time management" game! (although I would probably call it strategy/business management)


  • Your role: a lady who's losing her hotel business to a messed-up traitor husband
  • Theme: building and making money from hotels and restaurants and such
  • Music: nothing special
  • Graphics: good; character faces look weird; buildings and animations look cool
  • Advancement: buy better buildings as you earn more money
  • Level length: as long as it takes you to complete the given goals

Hotel Mogul is really a game of strategy and simulation. You need to build buildings which are attractive to, and used by, people. The more people, the more money. You can also upgrade buildings to improve their rating, thus attracting more people and making more money. You also need to manage and purchase building materials and workers. You will spend some time buying and selling various properties as well.

Personally, I was immediately turned off by the theme. In a world where committed marriage needs to be promoted and encouraged, this game's theme is just depressing. The lady has only been married for like a year when her husband files for a divorce, an arrangement which leaves him ownership of his wife's successful hotel chain. Your goal, as the lady, is to rebuild a booming hotel chain from the ground up. Depressed yet? Not a whole lot of incentive to get into the theme here.

But, story aside, the game is fun and simple enough for those who are nervous about complexity in their casual games. On the other hand, I would personally recommend Youda Marina over this game if you like this style but prefer more complexity. Youda Marina had a bit less downtime, and a bit more to keep you busy right away.

So you're wondering - will you like this game? If you like business-building games, yes, you should play this game. If you want to run around a restaurant and serve people, this isn't for you. This doesn't feel like a time management game. This game is about money-making and property management. If those are themes you like, then Hotel Mogul should hit the spot.

To get it, click the image below:

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code moon299 at checkout
Category: Hidden Objects
If you want more hidden objects, this is the time to get Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas for only $2.99.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News: Burger Shop 2 and MCF: Prime Suspects!

Today, Big Fish Games broke the recent string of new hidden objects games by offering us a new time management game!


  • Your role: a cook at a classic black/white/red diner
  • Theme: making food quickly
  • Music: fair, but gets the job done
  • Upgrades: you're always getting some new piece of equipment or a new kind of food to serve; you also gain new ranks as you go
  • Customer satisfaction?: yes, quick service earns happy customers and better tips
  • Level length: very reasonable; nice and short

Burger Shop 2 offers subtle humor from the beginning, which I found pleasantly amusing. At the beginning, you find out that you were one of the few people who received the plans the aliens sent to Earth for building a high-tech burger-making machine. Interested yet? And the humor continues in the game's written content.

For once, you're not running around a room serving people at tables. You have a sort of first-person perspective on the cooking area. The burger machine spits out all kinds of ingredients - eggs, bacon, burgers, buns, butter, waffles, etc, and you have to quickly pile them on plates and hand them to customers. You also have drink making machines and toasters and such. The controls are easy, and right-clicks are used as shortcuts for other actions - this was good planning on the developer's part.

Additionally, you're constantly doing something, and the levels aren't too long, which are both great features in a time management game.

This is one of the more immediately enjoyable time management games I've played.

To get it, click the image below:

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code prime299 at checkout
Category: Hidden Objects
This was the first sequel in the Mystery Case Files series after Huntsville. If you liked Huntsville, you're bound to enjoy this new mystery in which you're tracking down a jewel thief! Today only, you can get it for $2.99.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News: DinerTown: Detective Agency and Hidden Expedition: Everest!

Today, Big Fish Games released yet another new hidden objects game!


  • Style: Cute, cartoony; light-hearted detective work
  • Hidden objects scene graphics: drawn
  • Timed?: choose between timed and untimed modes
  • Hint system: unlimited, slow refill
  • Music: jazzy; works well with the style of the game
  • Theme: Bernie has always wanted to be a detective, and now is his chance
  • Objects per scene: varies; some scenes have you piecing together broken objects and dusting for fingerprints
  • Extras: finding the police badge in a scene adds extra time (in timed mode) or points (in untimed mode); some objects can only be found by looking through a magnifying glass
  • Penalty for wrong clicks: yes, for clicking too quickly on the wrong things
  • Mini games: place items in a correct sequence; simple suspect deduction game

DinerTown: Detective Agency brings the much loved Flo out of her time management habits and into the hidden objects genre. Her friend Bernie has enough money to buy a detective kit and pursue his dream of becoming a PI. Flo agrees to help him solve the cases that pop up in DinerTown.

The game is light-hearted and cute, which is a pleasant break from the dramatic mood commonly found in hidden objects games. DinerTown: Detective Agency also follows in the tradition of some of the better hidden objects games in that you aren't just finding stuff all the time. You get to work at some different activities, which I think is essential in a market full of competing hidden objects games. Anything to create variety is good, and this game delivers.

To get it, click the image below:

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code hee299 at checkout
Category: Hidden Objects
I enjoy the Hidden Expedition series. This game has lovely scenes and makes use of inventory. I also liked the secret item feature, which allows you to locate special unlisted objects. You will need to work quickly if you want to reach the peak of Everest before the other climbing teams! I highly recommend this game if you like Hidden Objects games. Today is your chance to get it for $2.99.

Monday, July 27, 2009

News: Dillinger and Mahjong Towers Eternity!

Today, Big Fish Games released a new hidden objects game!


  • Style: Early 1900s look and feel; very classy
  • Hidden objects scene graphics: 3D sculpted
  • Timed?: choose between timed and untimed modes
  • Hint system: 3 per scene
  • Music: excellent, and very fitting; honky-tonk piano and small ensemble music; some jazz
  • Theme: bank robbery - you're the bad guy (in a supposedly Robin Hood kind of way)
  • Objects per scene: 10
  • Extras: 9 hidden wanted posters and 9 hidden coins per bank- find them all for extra money; find hidden vault icons to gain extra time on safe-cracking
  • Penalty for wrong clicks: yes, after 3 wrong clicks
  • Mini games: Prevent bank patrons from escaping; safe-cracking
  • Bonuses/upgrades: yes; you can spend money to hire extra thugs to give you benefits in various parts of the game

Playing Amazing Heists: Dillinger was like a drink of fresh water in the Hidden Objects department. The theme was well planned, and everything - from text fonts to music - contributes to the setting and style of the game. And, contrary to the norm, the writing seems like it was actually written by someone who knows how to write well in English. I question the nature of the theme a bit - I don't necessarily like taking on the role of a rampant bank robber, but in the midst of a flood of rehashed mysteries and boring plots, this hidden objects game delivers something unique, and it does it with class.

To get it, click the image below:

Today's Daily Deal for $2.99 is Mahjong Tower Eternity. But why spend $2.99 when you can get it for FREE right here? If you like Mahjong, this game should keep you busy for a long, long time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

News: Mystic Inn for $2.99!

I've talked about Mystic Inn before as one of the better time management games. For today only, you have the opportunity to get it for $2.99!

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (from the Big Fish toolbar) :
click an image below and use coupon code mystic299 at checkout
Category: Time Management
In this game, you are not serving food, but drinks to groups of wizards who visit your tavern. The game keeps you constantly clicking and making decisions. With great atmosphere and some fun upgrades, this game is worth downloading if you like time management games.

Mystic Inn is one of my wife's favorite casual games.

Friday, July 24, 2009

News: Bilbo and Grimm

Today, Big Fish offers us a game about Bilbo. No, not Mr. Baggins of the Shire, but a little furry creature who seeks to become successful in the restaurant business so that he can marry the woman of his dreams.

Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World is a time management game, like the many others before it, in which you serve food to restaurant customers.

Your goals

  • Serve people the menu selections they like most
  • Accomplish the given task goals for each level (creating combos and such)
  • Earn big tips with quick service

What I like so far

  • Great graphics, as is typical of Alawar games
  • Cute creatures and animations
  • Interface is easy to learn and control
  • Specific goals assigned at the beginning of each level give you something to work for

What I don't like so far

  • The music is repetitive and only fair, but it gets the job done
  • Auto-seating of customers - you don't choose where to seat them (some people might like this)
  • Apparent lack of features and things to control (but I haven't played very much of the game yet)
If you want something more complex than the average time management restaurant game, I don't think this game is going to take you to the next level of complexity. But, if you like cute creatures and want more restaurant game goodness, this is a good download for you! Click below to go get it:

Today's $2.99 Daily Deal (for Big Fish toolbar users)
Category: Action/Arcade/Simulation

Thursday, July 23, 2009

News: Big Fish toolbar - $2.99 game deals

Maybe this isn't news to you, but it's news to me!

Big Fish now has things arranged so that if you install their toolbar on your browser, there is a special button that takes you to a $2.99 Daily Deal. Each day they will have a different game for $2.99, but you only get it if you have their toolbar.

If you like cheap games, don't pass this up. Go here to read about it and get the toolbar.

Today's Daily Deal is the time management game, Farmer Jane.

You might be worried about spyware. I checked into it. This site says "no spyware."

News: A first look at World Mosaics 2!

If you like puzzle games, you might want to download World Mosaics 2, released on Big Fish Games this morning!

World Mosaics 2 is a collection of puzzles sometimes referred to as Paint by Numbers. You have a grid which tells you how many squares, in groups, in each row and column are supposed to be filled in. Your goal is to solve the puzzle using your logic skills.

Notable features

  • Typical story about being magically whisked away to an unfamiliar time and place. You, as the main character write journal entries. This feature is intended to paste a theme on an otherwise standard puzzle game.
  • Each level gives you a set number of allowed mistakes.
  • Each mosaic creates a picture resembling some object, which is then discussed in the journal.
  • Each time you fill in a square correctly, sand is added to an hourglass. When the hourglass is full, you earn a hint.
  • The pasted on plot starts you out in ancient world history.
  • There is a clock which counts up as you play each level.

What I like

  • The interface and easy controls
  • The smooth animations and clean, well-designed graphics
  • Paint by Numbers puzzles

What I don't like

  • Weak music
  • Mediocre writing (Including a punctuation error on the first page of the journal!)
  • I found myself making silly mistakes on account of the way they cross out the numbers you've completed. Boundaries were not immediately apparent to me when working quickly.

The family man's opinion

If you like logic puzzles (especially if you like Paint by Numbers puzzles), don't hesitate to grab this game. Sure, it's the same old puzzle you've played in black and white many times, but this version has eye candy, sounds, and a bit of a story to go along with it. Given the choice between this and a generic version, World Mosaics 2 is a no-brainer. I recommend you download it.

To check out the game, click below:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News: A first look at My Kingdom for the Princess!

Pay attention, time management fans!

Today, Big Fish Games released a new time management game called My Kingdom for the Princess.

I've tested the game and I'll give you my first impressions, quick and clean.

What I like so far

  • I'm admittedly a sucker for colorful, well-designed graphics, and boy does this game deliver.
  • Easy to learn
  • Voice-over narration
  • As you complete levels your castle is progressively built, beginning with a tiny wooden shack. I like this kind of feature in a game, just because it looks cool and gives you something to work for.

What I don't like so far

  • The music is weak. They should have hired me for the soundtrack.
  • Only one action at a time. They really should have allowed for strings of pre-clicked actions. Waiting for the worker to return with his resources before clicking another action creates downtime. (Mystic Inn did this the right way.)
  • Only one worker can work on a task at a time! They should have allowed multiple workers to join together and finish a task more quickly.
  • Feels too simplistic, at least early in the game.

The family man's opinion

This game feels to me like a children's or old-people's version of Warcraft III. What this game doesn't do well, Warcraft III does.

Is the game worth it? I haven't played it long enough to know. From the little experience I have with the game, I just wish they would have made it possible to accomplish a greater number of tasks more quickly. I feel like I'm waiting around too much, with infrequent decision-making.

If you haven't played heavier real-time strategy games, and you don't want to play anything too complex, this game seems to be a great place to start.

To check out the game, click below:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

News: Finally another Nancy Drew game!

Like many adventure gamers out there, my wife and I eagerly anticipate each new entry in the Nancy Drew series.

Today, the new Nancy Drew game, Ransom of the Seven Ships has been released on Big Fish Games!

Here's a description from Her Interactive's website:
Your friend Bess Marvin is kidnapped and the only chance you have to save her is by solving a 300-year-old Bahamian mystery! Dangerous waters keep treasure hunters from exploring the reefs around Dread Isle, but this remote island might hide the riches of El Toro's lost fleet! Can you, as Nancy Drew, track down the treasure before time runs out?

Just click here to go download Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Take that, scarab! - a review of Luxor 3

Of all the marble popper games I've played, Luxor 3 has become my favorite. Read on to find out why!

What I liked

  • Lush graphics
  • Good sound effects and music
  • Ancient Egyptian theme
  • Upgrade system
  • Variety of gameplay
  • Smooth physics

What I didn't like

  • Throwaway storyline
  • Small music library
  • Upgraded shooters are only for looks

Quick Plot

I'm not sure exactly what the plot is because I skipped through the text screens! But it's something about Egyptian deities. I think Set is bad and you have to stop him or something. Honestly, don't expect to get into the story. This game is about pow-pow-pow sphere bashing!


Luxor 3 is loaded with features that keep it interesting and just plain fun. I've listed as many of these features as I could think of:
  • New sphere colors added as you progress. Aqua and Orange have good bonuses, but you can’t upgrade them.
  • No lives! Just keep trying again when you fail.
  • Power-ups are color coded. Every time you get 3 consecutive breaks, the 3rd break gives you a bonus of that color.
  • The shop offers upgrades to power-ups, 2 new styles of shooters, and 3 new styles of spheres. Items are continually unlocked as you earn points by catching treasure.
  • Environments have depth to them, so balls get smaller as they move deeper into the scene away from you.
  • Lots of things to catch - treasure, ankh coins, power-ups.
  • Extra things to shoot at (canopic jars, beetles) - they appear and then disappear after a few moments.
  • Collecting all 4 jars for a level opens a bonus round in which you collect mass treasure (points).
  • 3 difficulties of play - Easy, Medium, Hard. Insane difficulty is unlocked when you finish the Adventure game. Points earned are multiplied on higher difficulties.
  • Treasure room. As you accomplish various feats, you earn treasures, which are just cool things to look at in the virtual treasure room.
  • 3 types of play to choose from: Adventure, Free Play, Puzzle
  • Play modes during the adventure break up monotony and offer variety. Classic Mode, Crossing the Nile, Puzzle Mode, Treasure Collecting, Survival Mode.
  • Each time you finish a level, a pyramid gets build a little higher. Your goal is to complete it.
Here's a screenshot of the Store, where you buy all of your upgrades:


Luxor 3 has a collection of useful power-ups, which are color-coded:
  • Red: Speed shot, Fireball
  • Green: Net, Reverse
  • Blue: Slow, Lightning
  • Yellow: Stop, Wild Sphere
  • Purple: Color Bomb, Scorpion
  • White: Color Cloud, Color Replacer
  • Black: Pyramid Blocker, Match Highlighter
  • Aqua: Color Sort
  • Orange: Sandstorm


The things that made this game so fun for me were the power-ups (and their upgraded versions!) and the variety. You get variety of gameplay modes, variety of interesting stage backdrops, variety of power-ups, and variety of goals. There's always a reason to keep playing.

In Classic mode, you just shoot the marbles (Luxor games call them "spheres") until you've destroyed a certain number of trains (in Luxor 3, the sphere trains are pushed by beetles).

In Puzzle mode, you are given a number of stationary sphere trains and a pre-determined set of spheres to shoot. Your goal is to clear the board using only the spheres you've been given.

In Survival mode, you are fighting trains of spheres against a set time, which eventually gets up to 4 minutes. You have to survive until time runs out.

In Crossing the Nile mode, you are on one side of the river and the train of spheres you need to destroy is on the other side. The problem is, there are multiple layers of sphere trains moving back and forth along the river, blocking the path to your target. You have to knock out enough of these interfering trains to clear the way so you can destroy the train on the other side of the river.

If you collect all 4 canopic jars for a series of levels, you unlock a bonus level in which you collect treasure. Beetles scurry across the screen in all directions carrying two spheres of the same color. All you need to do is hit them with a sphere of the same color to destroy them, which drops treasure. As long as you don't mess up any shots, the treasure drops increase, starting with 1 piece of treasure, then 2, then 3, and so on. Treasure is points, and points unlock items in the store, so these levels are helpful for hoarding riches.

In order to upgrade power-ups in this game, you need to collect ankh coins which fall periodically as you break spheres and shoot the twirling beetles (these pop up at random). Then, you spend ankh coins in the Store.

The audio in the game was good. The Egyptian-sounding music is fitting, but there is very little variety, maybe 2 or 3 tracks. I would have liked a more diverse soundtrack, but it didn't bother me hearing the same tracks over and over. The sound effects are also very good.

Another minor disappointment was that after all that hard work collecting points and unlocking the different shooter models, the new shooters don't give you anything other than a new look. They could have at least given them gravitational pull (I loved that feature of Atlantis Sky Patrol) or made them wider so they can more easily catch drops. Similarly, you can unlock 3 different styles of spheres to use. I never used them because the default set is the coolest-looking!

I did like that I could choose a different look for my shooter though. My favorite was the blue Sci-fi model, so I used that for the rest of the game once I bought it.

Default shooter

Sci-fi shooter
5,000,000 points to unlock

Xtreme! shooter
15,000,000 points to unlock

The least useful power-ups for me were Speed Shot (red), Net (green), Wild Sphere (yellow), and Match Highlighter (black). Late in the game when I was really hoping for a Pyramid Blocker (black), Scorpion (purple), or Color Sort (aqua), these less-useful power-ups were a let-down. Fortunately, you have control over which power-up color you receive. Just make sure your third break in a row is the color you want.

One other great feature: you don't have a number of lives in this game. You don't have to worry about losing and having to start over. If you fail a level, you just try again until you beat it.

Suitable for the family?

This is the kind of game that my little kids could watch, yelling, "Get it, Daddy! Get the beetle!" But don't expect to gather the family around the computer to enjoy working as a team. Expect to ride solo on this one. I suppose if your kids were studying ancient Egypt in school you could use this game as something to go along with the study for fun. The kids would probably recognize names and themes from the time period.

The only other thing to mention is that some puzzle levels can be very challenging. Fortunately, if you get stuck during the Adventure, you can choose to skip puzzle levels.

The family man's final ruling

If you like marble poppers, or plan to try one, this is the game to play. It never gets too difficult. When it does get tough, you have all the power-ups you need.

This game was just a blast. It's really an activity explosion as you swoosh your shooter across the bottom of the screen,
bashing spheres and catching drops left and right. I've finished the game, but I'm playing through it again in Insane mode, trying to complete my treasure room!

You'll like the game if...

  • You like marble popper games
  • You like ancient Egypt

You won't like the game if...

  • You don't like marble popper games, especially ones with layers of complexity

My rating:

If you want to play Luxor 3, click below:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Two kids on an adventure! - a review of Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold

Today, I review one of my favorite casual games: Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold!

What I liked

  • The high quality art and graphics
  • The youthfully adventurous story
  • Puzzles offer a break from finding stuff
  • The interface
  • Hint system

What I didn't like

  • Some objects are hidden in the shadows and very hard to spot

Quick Plot

Nelly and her little brother Tommy set out to discover a secret family treasure!


The first thing you'll notice when you play a hidden objects game from Artogon is the high quality. The hidden objects scenes have smooth animations, atmospheric lighting, and wonderfully modeled scenery. The music and sound effects, while not great, get the job done adequately. After each scene, you see the characters pop up for conversation (text boxes, not voiceover), and the character art is very good. The same is true of the
other characters you'll meet along the way.

One thing I like in Artogon's hidden objects games is the animated sequences which run after every few scenes. Essentially, the game introduces the next part of the story by showing a scrolling letterboxed view of the coming scene while the characters dialogue. These animations are beautiful to look at, and they give you the option to skip it if you so desire.

Now, you won't always be finding hidden stuff. You'll also face a number of puzzles (which are fun but never too difficult) and some procedural tasks. For instance, in one scene you're required to prepare a meal following a cookbook. You have to refer to the cookbook and follow the steps in order to succeed. This type of thing has been boring in other games, but somehow the developer made it fun in this game, partly due to the fact that the graphics and animations are just so enjoyable to watch as you work.

There are couple more things to note. First, the hint system is the refillable kind, so you don't need to worry about running out of hints. There is also no time pressure and no penalty for clicking on the wrong things. The whole mood of the game is relaxed and low-pressure. Second, Artogon's user interface is my favorite for this type of game. You'll mouse around until you find something clickable. When you click it, a ring pops up showing you small versions of the items you need to find. As you find the items, you drop them on the ring. Once you have found each item, you get something new to help you. You'll complete a few of these object sets per scene.

Let me just warn you that you might want to play in a dark room because if you have screen glare at all, some objects might be really hard to locate. Sometimes I felt that the developer took cheap shots by hiding objects in the dark shadowy recesses of a scene, making them nigh impossible to see. Still, that guilt-free hint button was able to save me from those struggles.

Suitable for the family?

This is a game that I played all the way through with two of my little kids. The only thing I wondered about was whether or not they would be scared of (spoiler below, highlight text to read):

the ghost of a young woman who shows up to talk to you at various parts of the adventure. She is non-threatening, but she does look white and wispy. I just happily told my kids that it was a ghost and that ghosts aren't real. The ghost never seemed to bother them.

So, I'd say this is as good as it gets for families. I found nothing offensive or disturbing. I will also say that one of the themes in the game is piracy. The game highlights the romantic side of piracy (treasure, yar!), but fails to mention the debased moral nature of historical pirates.

Still, having played Ravenhearst and its sequel (see my review), this game is very welcome as a family game.

The family man's final ruling

I look forward to going back to play this one again someday. The whole package was a delight, and I was able to get my kids to contribute to the searching process. It seemed that my kids gravitated to this one because the main characters are children. I like how Treasure Seekers forces you to suspend your disbelief as you travel along with this young brother and sister on their fanciful quest.

You'll like the game if...

  • You like hidden objects games, especially cute family-friendly ones
  • You like treasure

You won't like the game if...

  • You don't like hidden objects games

My rating:

If you want to play Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold, click below: