Friday, July 31, 2009

Luxor 3 Treasure Room Guide

After a logged 13 hours of gameplay in Luxor 3, I have finally completed the treasure room.

To make it easy on those of you who don't want to make guesses at how to turn all those shadowy forms into real treasures, I offer you this little Treasure Room Guide. If you want to figure out all the treasure by yourself, then I suggest you stop reading now. But if you want to know what all the treasures are, and how to get them, read on!

Empty Treasure RoomCompleted Treasure Room
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Spoiler Alert!!!

The Treasures

Treasure nameHow to get it
Adventure Campaign AchievementComplete the Adventure campaign
Causal Nexus AchievementGet 5 or more chain collapses in a row
Coin Collector AchievementCollect over 1,000 ankh coins
Defender AchievementBeat all Onslaught levels in the Adventure campaign
Eliminator AchievementGet more than 10 matches in a row
Human Net AchievementCatch all drops in a level
Master of Reflection AchievementGet 25 matches or more using reflectors
Powerups AchievementUpgrade all powerups to Maximum level
Revealer of Secrets AchievementUnlock all Bonus levels
Riddle of the Sphinx AchievementComplete the Puzzle campaign
River Crossing AchievementBeat all Crossing the Nile levels in the Adventure campaign
Sharpshooter AchievementAchieve 100% accuracy on one level (always hit a sphere of the color you're shooting)

If you have any questions about gaining these treasures, just post a comment!

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