Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strategy Guide - Royal Envoy!


Royal Envoy is one of the most enjoyable strategic building games I've played (Read my review!). The goal of each level (besides completing your assigned tasks) is to earn the gold seal. This is accomplished by finishing all of your tasks before the timer runs out. On some levels this is easy to do. On other levels, it's somewhat challenging. But on some levels, it can be a real struggle, taking 3 to 5 attempts to figure out an effective path to success. The purpose of this strategy guide is to give you a step-by-step walkthrough for the levels that I found to be most challenging.

You might find some of these levels to be easy. Still, others of you might play levels that you think should be included here.

If you can't seem to find the path to the gold seal on a level that I haven't included, please post a comment on this article, and tell me which level you'd like a walkthrough for. I'll add a walkthrough for any requested levels.

UPDATE: Now, I'm in the process of adding the gold solutions for every level in the game.

Strategy Guide

Note about taxes: In all of the following walkthroughs, it is assumed that you will be collecting taxes from houses whenever you can, unless specifically instructed to do otherwise. The same goes for Banks.

Level 18

Note: Don't pay the pirate in this level.
  1. Build 2 three-star Cottages (upgrade siding first) in the center row, with a Lantern in between. It is important to keep working on these until they are complete. Don't collect any taxes from them until they're done. You want to keep your workers from going back to the Castle.
  2. Build 3 Cabins on the top row with siding and gardens (no other upgrades).
  3. Build a Lantern between 2 Cabins and a Flowerbed between 2 Cabins. At this point you'll be a little over half of the allotted time.
  4. Pay the balloon guy in the following order:
  5. 2000 (2 times)
  6. 500 (2 times)
  7. 100 (repeat until the scale is balanced)

Level 23

  1. Build a Sawmill next to the Castle.
  2. Process wood (800 at a time) at the Sawmill until you have 4800 materials.
  3. Process 200 wood at the Sawmill. You will now how 5000.
  4. Start construction on the bottom bridge.
  5. Buy 2 Tax Collectors and 1 Worker.
  6. Dig up 2 holes as soon as the bridge is complete.
  7. Start getting good deals at the Market (you're trying to collect 35,000 money). 50 for 3000 or 100 for 4000 are the best deals. Keep doing this as you proceed with the following steps.
  8. Once you have 35,000 money, pay the pirate.
  9. Dig up the hole.
  10. Trade with the merchants until you have 10,000 money. In the meantime, build the upper bridge and make sure you have 4500 wood in stock. You don't need to trade in the Markets anymore at this point.
  11. Pay the 2nd pirate.
  12. When the smoke clears, build a Statue between the Cabins.

Level 26

  1. Build 2 Chalets with siding. I put them on the right and left sides of the Castle.
  2. Build Cottages with siding in all other slots.
  3. Begin paying the pirates whenever you have 3000 money.
  4. Add a garden to each building.
  5. Use your remaining wood to upgrade any houses you can. I focused on the Chalets.
  6. Once you have 7000 money, pay the last pirate.

Level 32

  1. Start producing in the Workshop.
  2. Clear all brambles.
  3. Build a second Workshop right next to the other Workshop. Keep them constantly producing.
  4. Build a Villa under the Circus.
  5. Upgrade the Villa all the way, with siding, but no garden.
  6. Complete the bridge.
  7. Build Cabins with siding in every remaining slot.
  8. Restore the Circus and start running festivals. Keep running them as you proceed. Eventually you will finish the level.
  9. Buy Tax Collectors until you have 7.
  10. Keep collecting taxes and producing materials in your Workshops.

Level 35

  1. Build a Sawmill in the middle row, middle slot.
  2. Add siding to all Villas as soon as you've collected taxes once.
  3. Process 800 wood at the Sawmill once you have enough money.
  4. Process 400 wood at the Sawmill once you have enough money.
  5. Build a Workshop in the middle row, next to the Castle. Keep the Workshop constantly producing.
  6. Keep constantly processing 400 or 800 wood in the Sawmill.
  7. Buy 3 Workers as you go (for a total of 6).
  8. Build Chalets (with siding) in the empty slots in the top and bottom rows.
  9. Demolish the Villa in the middle row.
  10. Build a Bank in the middle.
  11. Demolish Villas on the top and bottom rows.
  12. Build Chalets with siding on the top and bottom rows.
  13. Demolish the Sawmill and build a Market in its slot. You can use the market to help you get the 10,000 money needed to pay the pirate.
  14. Pay the smoking pirate.
  15. Build a fountain.

Level 37

  1. Build a Workshop in the middle row.
  2. Clear all brambles.
  3. Demolish the Fountains and Flowers.
  4. Produce in the Workshop constantly.
  5. Build 2 Villas in the empty slots.
  6. Add siding to both Villas, and upgrade them to 3 stars.
  7. Collect taxes until you have 15,000 money.
  8. Pay the pirate.
  9. Add siding to the Villas on the bottom row.
  10. Pay the other pirate.
  11. Demolish both middle Villas.
  12. Add siding to the Villas on the top row.
  13. Build 2 Banks in the middle.
  14. Build a Flowerbed between 2 Villas, and Flowers between 2 Villas.
  15. Upgrade 2-star Villas to 3 stars.
  16. Buy extra tax collectors (for a total of 6).
  17. Keep emptying the Banks.

Level 38

  1. Clear out the right side first.
  2. Restore 2 Markets, and build a Sawmill at the bottom as quickly as possible.
  3. Spend the rest of the time clearing brambles, digging up holes, restoring Markets, building Markets doing trades, and buying 800 wood at the Sawmill.
  4. Note: Only do Market trades of 3000 for 50, or 4000 for 100.
  5. Once all Markets are restored, build the three flowers. Each flower costs 450 wood. Once you're down to the last flower, use the Sawmill to process whatever amount you need, even if it's just 200. You should finish just before the timer runs out.

Level 56

  1. Send out all Workers to clear the brambles. Start with the buildings on the sides of the Castle. Then, focus on the bottom. You want to quickly clear paths to the Bank, and to the empty lots in the middle. Then, get to the middle lots in the top row. Then, clear out the rest. You'll still be clearing brambles while you carry out the steps below.
  2. Build a Sawmill one one side of the Castle. As soon as it's built, buy 1600 wood.
  3. While you're waiting for the Sawmill, buy Workers. You'll want 9 total.
  4. Build a Workshop on the other side of the Castle as soon as your Sawmill worker delivers the wood to the Castle.
  5. As soon as your Workshop is built, demolish both Dragon Statues.
  6. Keep your Workshop constantly running.
  7. Start building Mansions with siding in every slot. Start with the slots closest to the Castle, and build out from there.
  8. Whenever you have enough money, buy 1600 wood from the Sawmill. Keep checking periodically.
  9. Whenever the Bank has 4000 gold available, send a Tax Collector to pick it up.
  10. Once all Mansions have been built, start adding Gardens to each one.
  11. Build 5 lanterns.

Level 57

There are a number of ways to finish this one with the gold seal, but only in the nick of time. I played it over and over, trying to find the quickest method. I finally found a way to get the gold seal while your timer is still above the little metal bar near the bottom of the time meter.
  1. Demolish the Market. This gets you lots of materials.
  2. Start collecting rent right away.
  3. As soon as you have enough money, start buying Workers. Keep buying them as you play, until you have 10.
  4. As soon as your Workers bring back the materials from the demolished Market, start running your Workshop, and keep it constantly running.
  5. Put siding on your Mansion as soon as you can.
  6. Put siding on all of your other houses.
  7. Collect money from your Bank regularly.
  8. Start buying Tax Collectors, and keep buying them as you play, until you have 10.
  9. Buy 400 materials at the Sawmill.
  10. Once you have 2000 materials, build a Workshop next to the Bank. Keep it constantly running.
  11. Note: If you need to, you can occasionally buy 400 or 800 materials at the Sawmill to help you build all of the stuff in the following steps. You should count mostly on your Workshops though.
  12. Start upgrading your Mansion until it has 3 stars.
  13. Build a Mansion with siding in one of the bottom corners.
  14. Build a Bank in the other corner. Keep collecting from it regularly.
  15. Add Gardens to 5 houses. Only add a Garden to one of the Mansions.

Level 58

  1. Build 3 Villas with siding.
  2. Construct the bridge.
  3. Upgrade all Villas to 1 star.
  4. Collect money continuously from Villas and Banks.
  5. Pay the bandit once you have 30,000 money.
  6. Clear the brambles.
  7. Send Workers to dig up both holes at the top.
  8. Buy 5 Workers.
  9. Build a Workshop next to the Castle as soon as you have 2000 materials. Keep the workshop running.
  10. Buy 1,600 materials at the Sawmill whenever you have 16,000 money.
  11. Each time you have 1,200 materials, demolish a Bank and build a Mansion with siding.
  12. Once you have built 3 Mansions, add Gardens to all 6 houses.

Level 59

  1. Start building a Workshop in the empty space at the bottom. Once it's built, keep it running.
  2. Clear all 4 brambles.
  3. Dig up the hole at the top.
  4. Demolish all 4 Villas. You may want to collect money from them first, if it's available.
  5. Build 4 Chalets with siding.
  6. Buy 2 Workers.
  7. Upgrade all Chalets to 3 stars and gardens.
  8. Pay the pirate when you have 20,000 money.
  9. Build 4 Chalets with gardens in the spaces on the right side. Hopefully none of them will need repairs in the short time it will take to complete these. If they break, repair them.

Level 60

  1. Send all 5 Workers to the cave. Leave them there the rest of the time.
  2. Collect the money from all 3 Banks.
  3. Buy 1 Worker.
  4. Start constructing the bottom bridge as soon as you can.
  5. Clear the brambles when you're done.
  6. Buy 1 Worker.
  7. Start constructing the middle bridge.
  8. Clear the brambles when you're done.
  9. Buy 1 Worker.
  10. Start constructing the top bridge.
  11. Clear the brambles when you're done.
  12. Start buying Workers until you have 11.
  13. Send a Worker to dig up the hole next to the cave.
  14. Build a Mansion with siding in every empty slot.
  15. Keep upgrading the 3 Mansions until they all have 3 stars.
  16. NOTE: Remember to keep your Tax Collectors constantly collecting money from the Mansions and Banks.
  17. Start paying the pirates whenever you have 10,000 money.
  18. Clear the brambles each time you pay a pirate.
  19. Buy 1 Tax Collector (you'll have 4 total).
  20. Buy 1 Worker (you'll have 12 total).
  21. Once the brambles have all been cleared, build Mansions with siding in all 3 slots.
  22. Build Statues between all Mansions.
  23. Upgrade all Mansions to 3 stars. Eventually you'll reach 300,000 money and win with time left.

Level 61

  1. Demolish the broken Cottage.
  2. Build a Villa with siding, and upgrade it to 1 star.
  3. Add siding to the Chalet and the Cottage, and upgrade them both to 2 stars. You should be left with 100 wood.
  4. Dig up the hole behind the Castle.
  5. As soon as you have 7,000 money, pay the pirate. You should have used just over 1/4 of your time at this point.
  6. Start running the Workshops and keep them going.
  7. Dig up the hole at the top of the screen.
  8. Save up about 60,000 money.
  9. In the meantime, build lanterns in the 4 available slots.
  10. Demolish 1 Workshop.
  11. Build a Sawmill where the Workshop was.
  12. At the Sawmill, run 3 batches of 1600 and 1 batch of 800. Then demolish the Sawmill.
  13. In the meantime, add a garden to the 3 houses on the left.
  14. Build a Cabin where the Sawmill was. Don't build siding.
  15. Add a garden to the new Cabin.
  16. Once you have at least 10,330 wood, fix the bridge.
  17. Demolish the second Workshop.
  18. Build a lantern in the slot across the bridge.
  19. Build a Cabin where the second Workshop was.
  20. Add a garden to the new Cabin.

Level 62

  1. Repair both Villas on the right side, and add siding right away.
  2. Upgrade both Villas to 2 stars.
  3. Keep collecting taxes whenever you can.
  4. Chop up the brambles in the middle.
  5. Build 2 Villas with siding in the bottom two slots. You can upgrade them to 1 star if you like.
  6. Pay 5000 money to the pirate blocking the Bank. Keep collecting money from the Bank whenever you can.
  7. Pay 10,000 money to the pirate blocking the Workshop. Keep the Workshop running all the time.
  8. Pay 20,000 money to one of the smoking pirates at the top.
  9. Demolish the revealed Statue.
  10. Pay 20,000 money to the other smoking pirate.
  11. Demolish the revealed Statue.
  12. Buy 2 Workers (for a total of 4).
  13. Build a Statue between one set of Villas.
  14. Pay 15,000 money to the pirate blocking the Market.
  15. Add gardens to all Villas.
  16. Demolish the Market.
  17. Build a Sawmill.
  18. Build a Statue between the other set of Villas.

Level 63

  1. Begin clearing out the brambles. You want to gain early access to the bottom middle slots and the two side slots.
  2. Build a Sawmill in one of the lower middle slots as soon as you can. Keep producing 1600 wood whenever you have 16,000 money.
  3. Buy 3 workers (for a total of 8).
  4. Build a Mansion with siding in one of the side slots. Start upgrading it to 3 stars.
  5. Build a Workshop in the other bottom middle slot as soon as you have enough wood. Keep it running all the time.
  6. Build a Villa with siding on the other side slot. Start upgrading it to 3 stars.
  7. Build a Bank in one of the bottom side slots. Keep collecting money from it.
  8. Remember to produce 1600 wood whenever you have 16,000 money.
  9. Remember to keep collecting taxes and Bank money whenever you can.
  10. Build a Chalet with siding in one of the top slots. Start upgrading it to 3 stars.
  11. Build a Cottage with siding in one of the top slots. Start upgrading it to 3 stars.
  12. Build a Cabin with siding in the remaining top slot. Start upgrading it to 3 stars.
  13. Build a Garden for each house.
  14. Build a Market. Don't do any trades there.
  15. As soon as you have enough wood, build the Statue and 2 Lanterns. This will probably require you to run 400 wood at the Sawmill to achieve the gold time.


  1. Thanks so much for this! I just played level 18 yesterday...and missed gold by the proverbial mile!

  2. Ha! Thanks for posting again, Meisie, as always!

  3. I've played this game through 6 or more times. I like your suggestion for level 38. I could do it but I hated it, now I love it.


  4. Thanks for the feedback, funny! I appreciate it!

  5. For level 57, here's a tip to save a lot of time: you can demolish the market and bank RIGHT AT THE END, for an additional 2000 materials (1000 each). So, you really only have to work toward a goal of 3000 materials, then do the demolishing (assuming you have everything else).

    I found you don't have to upgrade any of the buildings (but add siding, of course, and the gardens). Just work the market for the gold, empty the bank all the time, keep the workshop going constantly, and use the sawmill to boost materials.

  6. Ugh...I'm definately needing this guide, on my own I don't do so well :p...I tend to barely miss the time waaaaaay too often LOL
    Thanks again!

  7. Thanks for posting!

    Before long, I should have the full strategy guide for Royal Envoy 2 posted. I'm working on it now!

  8. I am struggling with getting the Gold Star for Level 29. I have tried at least 10 time (so far) and tried several combinations, including the Bank & The Market built in the beginning, yet always run out of time before I can pay off all 4 of the pirates (requirement to pass the level) and have the required happiness score (120?). Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!